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July 9, 2017

Hell Hats: AWESOME!!!

I do wish that I could take credit for the creative Hell Hats.  These are taking your riding helmet to a whole new level.  No freaky brim blowing off....and if I do say so myself they look incredible.  Before anyone gets scared these do not involve screws or anything invasive to your helmet shell.


  • Cowgirl hat of choice.  Mine came from Amazon for about $15.00 plus shipping.  The photo when I shopped looked black, it came to me a chocolate brown.  It also came to me FLAT as a pancake.  It looked like it had been driven over by a tow truck.  F-L-A-T.   Thank goodness for wire brims....
  • Duct tape (the narrow kind is better) I used the basic wide black and ripped it lengthwise in half to make it more narrow.
  • Hat band, do-dads, sparkly things.  I had no hat band and did not see the sense of paying $20 to get one, so I made my own from jute twine from my jewelry stash.  I had plenty of do-dads, and sparkly things in my jewelry making tote.
  • Hot glue gun (don't panic, the hot glue never touches your helmet).
The basic process is you take that hat and cut the entire crown off and deposit into the trash.  Set the helmet on the flat brim and draw around it with a marker or chalk.   Then you cut little "v"'s around the entire inner brim. Just like the notches in your Easy Boot Gloves.   Slide it over your helmet and seat it so it hides your helmet brim and looks nice.  Duct tape.  Now you tear off a very long strip of duct tape (I recommend black or brown depending on the color of your brim).  Tape that puppy into place.   I made a second lap around it pulling the duct tape very snug and pressing gently as I went.    Some people just let the duct tape be the hat band, but I didn't like it, looked cheap *LOL*.  Once that was done and everything stuck down and looking right, I moved on to the home made hat band.   Dug through all my various craft things, fabric scraps....couldn't find anything that did it for me.  Even tried a piece of black biothane left over from another project.  Looked good, but wasn't quite wide enough to cover the tape.  I'm sitting at my work bench and all of a sudden I notice the roll of jute string....and I was sure I had a hot glue gun, yeppers!   So I hot glued the jute around, and around, and around many times, with the glue all going on the duct tape (not the helmet itself).


Finishing pretty!
 Credit where credit is due:  Hell Hats...join the posse  Check out some of the cool things people do to enjoy and wear their helmets.

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