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July 4, 2017


At Tango (competitive mounted orienteering sanctioned by NACMO ) a couple of weeks ago we were given a beautiful full tack set from Two Horse Tack that we got to more or less raffle off among our riders.  Even though chances were priced low, we did raise enough for IN/IL CMO to purchase a  wheelbarrow for the brand new horseman's camp there at the Versailles State Park.  The campground is lovely, has ten electric sites, and dumping areas for manure, but there were no wheelbarrows to haul it to the dump site.  You had to drag/carry a muck bucket to keep the camp sites clean.  Marti and Dave Caldwell (wonderful people) went to the trouble of making the purchase and painting a "brand" on that baby, and hauled it back down here to give to the park.

 Admire it's sleek lines...
 And the custom paint job...
And the happy park ranger!

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