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July 15, 2017

My Own Personal Unicorn...

This bridle actually belongs to and fits the Spotted Wonder
Who say's I'm not a unicorn?
Medieval Baroque War Bridle by Two Horse Tack 

Since I have the photos up, may as well plug this pretty thing.  It is actually intended for a bit, but I intend to also use it on Phebes so I self-administered side pull rings for it, for those times.  Journey will probably use it with a bit as the bridle is intended as she is sometimes rather opinionated. She has blinged out reins, crupper, and a breast collar that match.  First day I can get her a bath...I'll get some photos.  I was worried that the spots on her might be a bit "much" but she kind of pulls it off!

The blue roan in the photo is "Big Cree" certainly the most photogenic of our herd.  Cree is the old man on the farm, he's twenty years old now.

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