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June 12, 2017

Two Horse Tango

A group of about twenty three riders assembled to take on the Two Horse Tango.  The ride was managed (mostly by Marti Caldwell) with me as ride manager in training.   The course was at the Versailles State Park.  (Some civil war escapee history here; google Silas Shimmerhorn, and also Morgan's raid).   The park  has 26 miles of trail with the addition of trails S, and E that route out of the campground.  Beautiful old growth trees in many areas of the park, and terrain that is rolling and sometimes requires thoughtful riding.  We were able to fill the campground, and also had some day riders.   Since it is early in the year, we set the ride up on the north side of the park day one, and the south for day two.  This made the course about ten-thirteen miles each day depending on how much backtracking one had to do.    Day one proved very challenging for the participants.  The park maps unfortunately do not provide landmarks such as creek crossings and fire breaks/service roads.  The north side is riddled with these service roads, which are not trail (but look like trail) and a few outlaw trails which look like trail.  Most that attended had never ridden this park prior, and the orienting oneself to "where the heck am I on this map" was the big challenge of the day.  Oh...and the mud.  Did I mention hungry deer flies? We as managers relied heavily on natural landmarks.  Day two was a more direct ride route, passing through an underground tunnel to the south, with none of the intersecting service roads,and  the riders found all of the plates.   Day one was hot, hard riding, some hard luck, while day two was just challenging enough.

Day one long course:

1st place Larry & Sara Dick finish time: 4hrs 7 min 8 seconds
2nd place Laura Vanmeter, Robbie Everage, Linda Byer
3rd place Stacey Kissel & Nick Wagoner
4th place Roxie Bank & Cecelia Wazniak

Day 2 long course:

1st place Larry & Sara Dick finish time: 2hrs 23minutes 01 second
2nd place Stacey Kissel and Nick Wagoner: 3 hrs 40 minutes 45 seconds

Day one short course:

1st place Gunter and Volk family (Kaylie, Kyle, Karleen, Linda, Amaiya, Randal, Tyler, & Krystan)
Finish time: 3hr 51min 25 sec
Hmmm....what's on the prize table?

Day two short course:
1st Roxie Bank and Cecelia Wazniak finish time 2 hr 36min 51sec
2nd Laura VanMeter, Robbie Everage, Linda Byer
3rd Carol Bertilson, Beth Colla, Denise Bingaman
4th place Gunter and Volk family (Kaylie, Kyle, Karleen, Linda, Amaiya, Randal, Tyler, & Krystan)
2nd place Denise Bingamon, Carol Bertilson, Beth Colla, Julie Irwin

          Nick Thompson won the Two Horse Tack donated tack set. This item was raffled off.  The proceeds of which will go to purchase a wheelbarrow for the new horseman's campground at Versailles State Park. Two Horse Tack has sponsored a few our activities this season and it is very much appreciated.  Sponsorship included the annual banquet, Two Horse Tango, and a donated fundraising item for Midwest coming up June 16th.  Because our groups are small the sponsorship can help in big ways.  So thank you Two Horse Tack.

 Also gifted to the group in random drawing was a buckle nose halter  and a 2 in 1 bitless bridle from Two Horse Tack.  A big thank you for the support that Two Horse has always been willing to give to my "horse adventures."  

A great 10% off coupon for needful things....thanks THT!

 The Spotted Wonder was in attendance.  A day of plate setting, a day of plate checking, and a day of standing at the hitching rail, kicking at flies! An overnight escape to visit a gelding on the other side of camp... Little does she know that she has to ride the entire park system "again" to pull down the stations!

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  1. What were the themes of the days for the station names?

    Good that you'll take them down. What adds to the not-so-fun aspect is finding a plate from a prior year and not noticing (the date and the theme) until you're done.

    What were the ride times for the winners of the long courses?