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June 4, 2017

May I have this dance?

Let's just say that setting up a CMO ride is NOT FOR SISSY'S and I was doing my share of whining this weekend.  It was just a crazy weekend really getting the ride set up. Marti and I both had trailer/truck mishaps occur.  I well not go into either and claim exhaustion from ten hours in the heat setting up the plates for the day one ride.  Slogging through miles and miles of mud, deer flies feasting on us all.   Every now and then I'd ask Marti, are we having fun yet?   Of course we were, and we weren't.  One area of the park was very difficult to set up, as we had to stay on trail, find the landmarks, and then be able to find a place on or just a few steps to peek behind some tree, rock, bush, or other hiding place.    A few places we had to resort to little marker ribbon to notate the landmark as nothing really stood out.  Day one for the ride the big challenge will be getting around the park and being oriented to place.  We have the park maps but they clearly are not to scale what so ever.  Nor do they show service roads or waterways (major pet peeve with me).  One trail appears to be a quarter mile off of a road crossing,  when in reality it is a couple hundred feet to the turn.  These kind of little things can trip people up who have not navigated before.   Marti is going to try and work on the maps, and make a few modifications with white out and ink pen.   The course Saturday will take some time to complete.   Sunday the distance is a bit shorter, and the landmarks are much more clear to follow.  On the horse front...Journey had not been out for a long time.  She did well considering, but I discovered upon arriving home that she has nasty girth sores.  I was using the same equipment I've always used, but she has got fat which caused wrinkles in the front leg  girth notch to get terrible rubs which we've never experienced before.  I feel so bad for her.   Smeared her down with Calmoseptine, and you could just see the relief in her eyes.   She also has a new boyfriend.  She and Amir were instant buddies.  I also discovered that Journey ties quite well on a high line, which we'd never done before.   Per the usual a hoof boot is somewhere "out there" in eight inch deep mud.  I'm so totally over hoof boots and the headaches of using them.   Just give me some horse shoes, and some pads PLEASE.

So!  Long story short the game is on for a wild ride, let's tango!

Two Horse Tango sponsors:  Two Horse Tack, W.D. Reynolds & wife, Marti Caldwell ☺ June 10 and 11th at the Versailles State Park, Versailles IN.


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