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May 28, 2017

Two Horse Tango

Thanks to Marti Caldwell and our sponsor Two Horse Tack, the Two Horse Tango is ready to roll in just a couple short weeks!  June 10th and June 11th are the dates to save and we hope to see you at the Versailles State Park in Versailles, Indiana right off state hwy 50.  The hub of the activity will be the horse camp, and day riders may come into the day parking area and ride over.  We plan to hold the ride on the one side of the park day 1, and utilize the other side day 2.  Plan for mud, flies, sun, wind, rain, and tornado (kidding but it is Indiana, right?).  We will have practice stations set up in camp, and maybe....some find me if you can real stations spread out over the park.

You need not be a member to join as a day rider in the competition.  Entry fees are very low (about $15-20), and prize goes out to first through last place.   We have a lot of really nice sponsored gear (bridles, reins ) and a table full of little "we did it" prizes.  It isn't so much about prizes though.  It is about horsemanship, and THINKING through the compass readings to where the station is hidden.  Riding at a pace that makes you happy, sharing the trail with some friends, and working together for a common goal.   We hope to see you there, let's TANGO!!!


  1. My husband and I just tried to design on paper possibilities for hiding stations where riders must stay on trail. We're very curious how you will do this!

  2. Lytha, you should message Marti on facebook. Now that woman can hide a plate in plain sight. Possiblities: Overhead, log ends, hollow trees, under water, Culvert openings, back sides of sign posts, cedar/pine trees (amongst the branches and needles), ground plates (HATE THOSE THINGS) in plain site but can't see them.

  3. I was talking about the clues, I should have been more specific. Assuming you have three per plate, you'd have to have intersections, or particularly curvy/switchback trails. I'm curious if you will be using intersections and switchbacks for every plate, because I don't see how it would work otherwise.

  4. Lytha, we will only be using two clues. Intersections do make it easier for sure, curves in the trail, etc. I'll do a post up after we get the ride set up (in the rain...yay! love riding in thunderstorms and writing on wet paper). *LOL*

  5. I'm very excited for you, I've never managed a ride, I'm way too greedy, I want to do the rides myself! I've also seen how upset riders get when the managers make human errors, they can be really rotten, "THIS is a hemlock, THIS is a cedar!" (Thrusting samples of branches of each at the manager's face.) I admit I flipped out once myself when they hid a plate on a no horses allowed trail. I couldn't believe they would do that. It's such a difficult sport, it's easy to get really mad when human error makes it even more challenging. BTW, the 6 hour time limit is in the book because of me: )

    1. *LOL* Go Lytha for enacting the 6 hour rule!