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May 27, 2017

Why I want my tack to break

This has been gnawing at me for awhile, and I don't know how people get the strange idea that if a horse pulls back you want the halter, and lead to hold.   When actually the very opposite is true.  A horse that pulls back hard enough to bust the hardware, trash the crown piece of a halter, well----just thank God Almighty that it did! 

It has only been a month or so ago that an endurance "rodeo" ensued at a ride camp, and someone's horse pulled back.  That horse sadly is dead from the incident.   I was not there (and I'm glad), but it made me wonder if the equipment broke away as it should have.  (Besides the idiotic cause of the whole event).   Horses attached to usually a trailer or other solid object, hitting the force of the halter can make them panic.  If the equipment doesn't give, maybe that horse will break its neck.

For the naysayers...

When Tack Hurts 

"Even worse is the situation in which the halter does not break, and the horse's struggles can lead to death. Prevent such accidents by using a halter with a crown piece that will break free in an emergency. A halter with a leather safety crown, or a short breakaway strap of leather at one end of the crown, will break if the horse catches the halter on a solid object and pulls back."  Source: The

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