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May 27, 2017

And Life Begins Again

It's been a very long, long, almost a year of burning it hard on both ends.   I envy the young people who can do that, but having already worked for thirty years in a string of rather high stress activities I'm just ready to pull the plug.   This past week was my last full week at the job, and I pop on down to mostly part time there beginning Tuesday.  

Now to do some of the things I've wanted to do for awhile.   I'm really wanting to establish a small "at home business" of some sort.   Kicking some things around in my head.   Something that I can juggle along at will, with the other things I'm doing.

The CMO is coming up soon.  Saying silent prayers for a break in humidity that weekend and the weekend prior so that Marti and I can get the plates set up.   If today was any indicator fly bonnets will be required equipment, and I may need to sit over a bag of ice to beat the heat.  She and I will need to cover the entire park system to get the plates set.   I don't have a horse that has been ridden in the past year, so will likely ride Marti's spare.

We filled the campground in less than twenty-four hours.  I hope the local peeps still come, there will be plenty of parking in the day parking area, ride over, and use my hitching rail.   I will probably be horseless anyway for the weekend.

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