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June 15, 2017

Learning Curve From TANGO

Most times when I do something...I like to look back at it and see what I learned, where I struggled, and where to put the work in the future.

Station and landmarks:   This looks a lot easier than it actually is.  Especially confined to not more than a couple steps off trail for your hiding place.  Apparently we did a spectacular or horrific job of hiding plate 9.   I'm thinking only one or two people found that one on day one.   I do not believe that the landmarks were the total issue.   One being a huge woodpeckered chimney tree and the other a sapling with a dead branch that had no bark except at the top.  Granted there were TWO of those chimney trees (hollowed tall dead tree broken off at top), but only one had the second clue.  This turned out to be toughest one out there.  In fact when I went out to check plates, Marti had hid that one for me and it took me an hour to find it.  Once I got the landmarks correct, boom!  There it was.
So if I get to do this ride again with people unfamiliar to trail I think I'd color code the trail on the maps, and put matching ribbons at the intersections leading to that trail that match the color code.

Maps:  That Versailles State Park map is sadly out of scale. Does not show water crossings, nor does it show all those crazy fire break / service roads (that look like trail because people ride them illegally).  We hope to GPS the entire park again in the fall, add  the fire breaks,  and at least sketch in the major creek crossings.

Heat:  Yes, I'm very sensitive to heat, and got acutely ill on Friday and spent a few hours sick, in a hot trailer.  Yay!  Which made me feel very wonky on Saturday, but I was able to get the job done, and by Sunday things were better.   I don't know what I can do for that....I was sucking down electrolyte drinks, and water.

Social Phobia:   Yes, very anxiety provoking.  Marti was my spokesperson.  TYG.

Prizes:   I did mostly horse oriented things, and hubby had to make a last minute store run to take care of the kids.  We had four juniors in attendance which required eight more prizes.

Happy things:  My first weekend out in a very long time.  I did learn a lot about the process of managing, but you really do need some help to put one of these on.   $ wise I almost broke even!  (if we don't count camping fees *LOL*) That is a very good thing.

Sad things:  The number of no shows (10) that I thought were going to attend.  I had to plan for prizes so that was money spent that would not have been wasted had I had a reliable head count early on.  But on the upside I can donate those things to another ride somewhere in the future.

The numbers: So I do understand the time keeping but would only do that with an App.   I can do that math, if you shove my ADD brain into a quiet room without distraction.  Otherwise, you gotta be kidding me.  Same goes with the cash keeping...I couldn't get it right for crap before I broke camp and left.  Once home (thank you door on office and a calculator and note book), I was able to run right through it, and the money was just right.

Things to think about in the future?

Entry fees up front

Prizes = number of entries

Marking trail intersections with colored ribbons so the out of towners can orient...

I'm proving the Versailles map.

And get my freakin' truck.  Brakes have gone out on the truck now...and I have plates to take down.

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  1. Hopefully producing a good map will eliminate the need for you to mark trails. Riding unmarked trails is one of the challenges of the sport that sets it apart from endurance, IMO.