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Discipline: LD/Endurance, CMO, Trail Rider, Cartoonist, Writer, Co-Director/ Green Bean Endurance

June 17, 2017

I am so excited about this project!

Two Horse Tack has given me some flexibility to work on a custom endurance bridle.   So far we have made two of these, and are getting a feel for what may be wanted in an endurance bridle at a very competitive price, while maintaining quality.

The Other Horse

Photo credit:  Kirrily Niswander

We selected two endurance riders to test and review these and though these are not yet available on the website,  I am able to get these made to spec.

In Omnia Pratus

Photo credit: Liz Stout

Both bridles are halter bridles.  One with browband, and one without.   We chose very thin biothane for these to reduce weight,

Traditional Halter Bridle from Two Horse Tack

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  1. We certainly love ours! Grateful for your project coming to fruition.