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January 5, 2017

Ready to get your RIDE on? Get on over and sign up!

  The Green Bean Endurance Challenge  (GBEC)is geared for new and aspiring endurance riders.  Deb Moe & Ricky Stone have taken up the cause of leading this absolutely fun and inspiring group of new riders.  

Here is the deal:

*You must be a member of AERC to participate.  They are the "mother bean" if you will in that GBEC supports those rides and those values, and to become an awesome 1000 mile epic AERC rider  and bean out of GBEC is the ultimate goal.  Those early discovery rides should be ridden safely, slowly, and oh heck, they should be fun too, right?  So that is where GBEC comes in.  You get to compete on mileage based (rather than speed) point systems.   You can do it solo, or you can do it as a TEAM rider.   The link provided here takes you to the Facebook page (ask to join).  This is the social hub of GBEC.  The rules of the beandom are:  Be nice (they take no prisoners in that regard ), be helpful, learn, join, and grow into the sport at your and your horse's own pace.   GBEC does not seek to separate you from AERC, rather point the way in and provide social supports to make you feel connected for those first rides where you show up to ride camp and you don't know anybody.  The group is growing by leaps and bounds. You are most cordially invited to plant yourself in this wonderful group if your competition miles are 0-999 recorded AERC miles.

*What does it cost to get your RIDE on with GBEC?  $15 FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON.  What!!!

*Where do you sign up? 2017 REGISTRATION IS OPEN .

Join the facebook page, read about the registration, follow the steps, and get your RIDE on.   The clock is ticking .

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