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January 8, 2017

Volunteer Challenge / Win some new tack!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that Two Horse Tack has partnered up with this blog for a fun give away!

Volunteers are the meat, potato, bread and butter of endurance rides.  There are many benefits to being a volunteer.  First you get to meet other riders, and perhaps run into someone you've had contact with on social media, but never met in real life.  Second, you learn all kinds of things about the sport through listening and observation.  Third, you become instrumental in a good ride becoming a great experience for someone else.   So get out there!  Volunteer!  Every time you volunteer fill out the form (look for the page tab near the top of this website).  Every day of volunteerism between February 1st -November 30, 2017 counts as an entry.  At season's end I will pull a name from those who entered to win the prize.  A FULL TACK SET: includes bridle (halter type or western style) reins (split or looped) , and breastcollar (english or western) in color combo of choice!

To turn in your volunteer days, you must be an AERC member to play! Entry requires that number!

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