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January 4, 2017

Scheming and Plotting and really kind of EXCITED!

Post-mortem of being a co-head bean counter: AWESOME♥  It has been a wonderful journey, but it is also suddenly like coming home to my roots back at Endurance Granny.    The starting place, and maybe eventually an ending place, as I'm getting older and life insists on throwing more "challenges" in front of me.  So while I'm still standing in this moment what can I do next to shape the social context of a better place for all of us.   The core of that better place has always been there.  I've met some great people in the sport, and some I'd have loved to meet but probably never will.  If each of the great people of endurance decided to reach deep into the core of growth  the sport would explode with excitement.  I can feel the literal crackle of a new way which all the while seriously embraces the old way, for all it is worth.  I see a whole new incoming generation of riders, and my eyes well up, that I got to have a little part in that and I feel steady that capable hands will shape their future on those founded principles.  Go Green Bean!

I believe that endurance riding here in the USA (speaking in terms of AERC, UMECRA and like) has the most awesome heart of any amateur sport.  That partnership with your horse being the most amazing and humbling thing I've ever encountered.  There just is nothing like it.  My lowly competition miles don't speak for much.  But me and my equine partners have traveled many thousands of trail miles together chasing the possibility of each next time at an LD/ or endurance ride. 

So now what?  And my mind starts thinking of something new to bring a brightness to someone else that is deserving.  I'm working on a new project (looking for some funding for awards if you are a believer in sappy good stuff) but the cause I promise will be worthy.    Stay tuned...the idea is "planted" just have to shake it on out and move with it, and find some friends that might believe it is a worthwhile project too ♥

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