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December 20, 2016

Times are a changing...Registration is open at Green Bean Endurance

Year three is underway for Green Bean Endurance.  Deb Moe and Ricky Stone will co-direct the competition this year.  So what's this GREEN BEAN THANG?  It's about learning the ropes of endurance riding, slow, and steady, and safely with your horse.   It is about competing at the level where you are at in a TEAM or Individual competition platform.  It is about building a social network within your region or across regions to have support that you might not otherwise find in the beginning.

How do you qualify to ride with Green Bean Endurance?  You must have 0-999 recorded AERC miles, and you must hold membership with AERC.  Once you have done that all that is left is to sign up with Green Bean Endurance for the lowly one year rider registration fee of $15.  You may visit the Green Bean Endurance Competition page and ask to join on FACEBOOK.

So what's up with the 0-999 rider miles?  So riders with some experience will join up and or offer support to low mileage rider and teams.    What happens at 1000 miles?  Well you become alumni of a FANTASTIC group of endurance riders who put good stewardship of their horses, and friendship first.

This is the year people!  The year that Green Bean Endurance grows into something even more wonderful than it has been.  Won't you join us?

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