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December 30, 2016

Green Bean Endurance Year: 3

I am incredibly happy to say that Green Bean Endurance is off and running for it's third season around the bean patch.  Though I've stepped away from the Co-Directorship, my heart is still firmly rooted (♥) pun intended with Green Bean.  The name has changed.  Green Bean Endurance Competition Challenge.  This is more aligned with our idea of growth vs. competition.  We do compete within our ranks, but truly that is secondary to the greater whole.  We pull for one another, encourage, and cheer on even the try as an accomplishment.  Because. It. Is.

But don't think our crowd is a bunch of slackers either.  We have 1000 mile riders who are maxing out of Green Bean.  Old Dominion and Tevis finishers counter balanced with riders with zero AERC miles coming on board with us to learn, grow, and finally to move on (we hope never gone completely) from our ranks.   We've worked incredibly hard in ways mere mortals probably wouldn't believe to keep the thing running, positive, constantly reworking, trying to make it as nice a place as we could with a very meager budget and some awesome sponsorship.

Now all that said...Green Bean Endurance Challenge is open for sign up.   To join our group of  fabulous just head on over to our facebook page and ask to join the group.  Now how easy is that?   If you want to join the Challenge itself you must have less than 1000 AERC competition miles.  So 0-999 and you can jump into the bean-dom and compete on a team of five, or 1 horse/1 rider if you prefer to go solo.  No pressure.  Just see where the ride takes you.  Your mountain might be finishing"A Ride", while someone else's is kicking butt on a 100.  It's all good people, it's all good.

The Seedling group will continue this year too.  Kids under twelve, lots of fun ways to gain points, we will sign up 10 seedlings this year, so if your youngster wants to ride, get crackin'!  To ride seedling your child must have an AERC membership, we waive the fees at Green Bean.   The seedlings can earn points for volunteering at a ride, intro rides, clinics, riding lessons to become better equestrians, and points for LD's and Endurance.   Maranda Bibb is managing the seedling group.

To read more or sign up for one of the Green Bean Challenges click here.

To visit our group of riders visit the facebook page here.   Ask to join the group.

If you are a sponsor and think we are doing good things for the sport of endurance find me at , or message me, Deb Moe, or Ricky Stone on facebook.  Sponsorship, both business, corporate, and private keeps the wheels turning.  The group thanks you all who have helped to assist our goals.

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  1. Hoping to ride my first LDs in 2017!!! Finally got the trailer of my dreams, so conditioning is finally possible, as is traveling to rides.