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December 9, 2016

Stepping down from leadership role with Green Bean Endurance

It saddens me to announce that I am stepping down from my co-leadership role with Green Bean Endurance.  I SO LOVE THIS GROUP!  2016 has thrown me some curves.  Three all of a sudden laminitic horses, rehabbing, hubby with one major surgery down...but another to go, job changes, and I am pretty darn sure I have an ulcer 😔   There are other reasons as well.  I believe the groups best shot at ever being mainstream is it being in the hands of someone from a younger demographic group with a lot of energy.  My hope is that if life calms down for me, I can work with Green Bean Endurance again in some capacity.  Right now I have to take care of home, hearth, horse's, hubby and me.

Green Bean Endurance is probably the best personal success I've had in this sport.   168 new endurance riding members, over 30,000 ride miles since we started, a wonderful connected social experience.  It's a beautiful thing.  Very, very hard to step away.  I hope it flourishes, and grows, and blossoms into even greater things.

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