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July 8, 2016

C25K or Ru2Gray (aka: one foot in the grave)

I've wanted to try this for a while.  But I lack time, or I'm not very good at "managing time."  This old gal has never been able to successfully run.   I have a weird heart rate, resting 99-126 and that is all the time, for all my years.   So when I exert you can imagine how high my rate goes, which results in becoming very light headed.  I also have sudden drops in blood pressure that puts my diastolic in the 56-60 range.   So exercise is tough for me.  Let's add to this a metatarsal joint with a bone spur, intermittent sciatica (*weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)! and a propensity for heat exhaustion.   Getting old is highly over-rated!

But if you always sit on the couch you are always going to be sitting on the couch.    So today I started the Couch to 5 K (C25K).  
A wee bit warm out there...humidity is high, and a thunderstorm is just itching to happen.

The first work out is supposed to look like this:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.   This means you will have eight one and half minute jogs over the course of 20 minutes.  Piece-a-cake!

****visualize**** ROTFL!!!

I strapped the Boopster into her hiking vest, and snapped a leash on her.   Turned on my C25K app which prompts you when to walk and when to jog, but does not serve iced water, or an oxygen tent.
Bella says "screw this! I'm gonna rest with my mookie."

I picked a direction that I felt we were fairly risk free from loose marauding canines that might try to eat the eleven pound Bella Boopster.    Paved road, so had get off on the grassy edge for the sake of her little paws as often as possible.     Bella kept up the pace but quickly discovered that catching a squat at the jog wouldn't  work out too well.   Okay...I'll quit about the dog and get on with it.

We made it to the half-way point (4 of the runs), but had to shut it down to a brisk walk for the return homea nnd picked up run # 5 after that breather.   Not kidding THOUGHT I WOULD PASS OUT. 

So my road to 5 K is likely going to be a bit longer than the program indicates.   I'm going to delve around for a forum of just starting C25K oldies but goodies and see if we can find some like minded beat up but not given up comrades in this goal to help keep me motivated.

So the score today:
C25K=1     Jacke=5/8

Next trip  out will try to get it up to 6 of the jog intervals.   The program is three times a week.  Perhaps I'll have amnesia by then and it will all be good ☺

But  you know what?   I had 20 minutes of non-stop exercise, and walked the dog, AND dodged the thunderstorm which will roll in here any minute.

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