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July 9, 2016

2nd C25K run

Only being able to do 5 out of 8 yesterday really bugged me.  Selecting the month of July to begin a running program probably is in the category of "you ain't smart."   But here is the thing.  I'm five foot one and my weight has gone up to 160 pounds.  I'm FAT.  Plain and simple and it is all upper body, from the top of my neck to my hip bones.  It is a horrible place to be in life.  I'm good with getting old.  Old means you've done some living and learned some things, but my body going to hell in a paper basket with a butane lighter poised under it does not resonate well.   I don't eat a lot, but often don't eat "well."  My exercise for the past seven years has been primarily on the back of my horse which is good for having a stronger core, but doesn't do much for the rest of me, and obviously does nothing for weight control.     Are the walk/runs fun?   Just to be blunt they (all two of them) have literally kicked my butt.  KICKED. IT. FLAT. 

Yesterday I did the workout a bit later in the day and it was pretty hot and the humidity was so high you felt like a fish thrown up onto the bank, sucking for oxygen.    Today I hit it a bit earlier as 70 degrees has to trump 86, right?

Since yesterday I was only able to do 5 out of 8 jogging intervals, my goal today was to shoot for 6 of 8.   So I suited Bella up in her harness (in case I needed JackRat power to pull me up a hill *LOL*) and off we went.  Unfortunately my route is uphill on the first and third interval.  That fish thing.  Yeah....but I noticed I made it farther on the away from home half this morning and was able to add another rep there at the end.  Half-way point we turn back and the 5th rep, okay I'm more and we did 6,  and I'm pointed towards home so if I die right there on the paved road my body will be found and hopefully I'll not land on the JackRat who weighs only eleven pounds,  7 reps in (fist pump *gasp* gasp* gasp*) we are both still alive though I am at times slightly dragging the JackRat and yelling go go go! As much for myself as for my little dog Bella.  8 reps WOOOT!!!

It was HORRIBLE.  I'm going to DIE doing this.  It is wonderful and challenging, and I've drafted my daughter to try it with me TOMORROW.  So I might be repeating week one again to get her caught up to my week.   Looking for a 5 K that we might attempt in September ☺

Learning lessons from this morning:

* The mental game is almost harder than the physical.  The body will do what you tell it, it has too however unpleasant that may be.

* Don't exercise in the hottest part of the day.

* Um...don't skip breakfast.

Bella Boopster is collapsed in the second office chair sound asleep ☺

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