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August 9, 2016

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff...

I've worked my way through week 3 of the C25K but week 4 soundly kicked my butt, so I may have to repeat 3 again to build up stronger.  Haven't run for a few days now due to family obligations and job interviews (did I mention I'm jobless) and just being in somewhat of an unemployed "funk."  Generally I'm a happier person when I have meaningful activity and collect a paycheck.

On the work front.  I loved my job and the people that I worked with.  However a change in the company's software system really just cost me everything.   I have an eye disorder, and I function pretty well as long as I have a font size over 12.   Font smaller than that especially if it is backlit gives me issues.  The letters run together, or look doubled, and my efficiency takes a serious nose-dive.  This is especially true with back lit screens (phone, monitor).  For the most part, you wouldn't know there was a problem until you stick me in the above situation and ask for "speed."   As it takes me more time to process what I'm seeing.   This in fact is what my company wanted to do with me.  Move my work station to a walk-in clinic environment, knowing that I had issues with keeping the pace required there.    It deeply saddens me that the fact that I worked very hard for them and being an eight year employee they refused to accommodate my need even though I had supportive documentation from my eye doctor that I see halos around lights and small fonts could be problematic.   It was sad to leave.  I felt very unappreciated.   Yet, I do some things very well...I have a strong sense of customer service and take great satisfaction when I can assist someone to solve a problem.  I'm creative, and frequently have ideas that make processes more streamlined.   I'm a consistent worker and love the rather mundane jobs that some people gnash their teeth over, scanning, indexing, updating data, working off in a cubical or office somewhere plugging along and just getting things done.  I also like a puzzle at times (especially solve-able ones).   So my hope is that somebody will recognize that I can be a great employee and that my down time won't last very long.  I interviewed for one company twice this week and I have an interview scheduled with another on Thursday.

So my personal horse adventures have been set aside for the greater good of hearth and home until life reaches a level once more.        The Green Bean competition is doing it's thing and we have some real go-getters in the competition again this year.   Some of our people will max out on mileage which is awesome and bitter sweet all at the same time.   We have two riders who completed Tevis this year, and our number of hundred mile distance riders is increasing---four or five this year already, I'd have to check stats to say for sure.    But growth abounds in this group.  It makes me happy ☺

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  1. Good luck on finding work that is suitable, satisfying and pays the bills.