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June 3, 2016

We have some serious work to do before going to another ride.

If you recall at Indy, though we completed Journey had low calcium and ended up being treated post ride.  Not how I like to end my day, and she was plagued with poor gut sounds through the day, getting better, only to get worse again.  Fast forward to our ride at Top of the Rock.  Vetted in prior to the ride with C gut sounds.   Vet was not overly concerned, but I knowing what went down last time I was very concerned.  She was again stonewalling on drinking or eating of any significance.  Nibbling a little hay but turning down her wet mash, dry feed, and the water shunning.  So I thought I'd see how it went, tack her up, but try to find a vet prior to starting to see if the situation has improved over night with the hay nibbling.  She had a C on one side, and "pretty much nothing" going on with the other.  So I told the vet we would not be starting and handed in my card.  We had Neigh-lox on hand and I thought perhaps that might turn her around...nope.  I tried horse cookies, omeline, cool command, oats, soaked alfalfa cubes, orchard grass hay, alfalfa hay (hay was strewn all about but not eaten), water with maxi glo, even syringing it into her mouth in hopes she'd decide it was too good to pass up.  No.  Not eating.  Not drinking.   She peed, but it was not her normal gusher and was very concentrated.    We live about two hours from the ride venue and I thought it best to get her home and settled in.  Turns out to be right decision as she immediately headed to the water tank and thought she was going to suck that thing dry!  Once she was hydrated she started eating and hasn't let up.   I need to figure out if it is "away" water putting her off and bring our own?  The ride in the trailer upsetting her stomach?   But we are two for two, so must work this out somehow.    I may have to do some over night camping to try and acclimate her better.  This has not been an issue until this year.

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