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May 8, 2016

Well...maybe *LOL*

I took her out yesterday, guessing about 9-10 miles, mostly hills.  She seemed a little hesitant on the downhills at first, perhaps in anticipation that it was going to hurt.  But after a few she loosened up and slid on down.  She was power trotting on the flat, and I could not feel anything else.  So perhaps we dodged the bullet.  Thankfully I did not medicate, and the dry lot did the trick. 

Ordered Sikaflex 227 today.  The Sika method of adhering boots is of interest. Was reading that some use this as not only a hoof pack for cushioning, but as an adhesive to glue on gloves that may have seen better days to get a good weekend of riding out of them.  I want to do a little experimentation over the summer and see if I can get a glue on regimen working.  I have an entire box of size 0 boots I probably need to sell.  Article 2 The Sik Method.

Was also reading on the Easycare site that they did indeed change out their velcro closure system, and it does appear much sturdier.  They also report they've changed the gaiter material and cushioned the area beneath the closure to reduce the risk of rubs.   So I'll be trying them out as well.  

I'm expecting an opportunity to demo a wool pad soon, so that will be fun.

Mid-month I have a semi-retired farrier coming out to look at Phebes.  Her soundness issue continues to get worse.  I'd like to see her comfortable and usable again if possible.  The grass episode this past week threw her into a tizzy as well, and she's been on Bute for several days.  She has got so fat being out of does a horse get fat on hay?  Grass hay at that?  The weight I'm sure is exacerbating the lameness issue, and I'm fearing she may perhaps be insulin resistant or at least headed that direction with her bad reaction to spring grass.  To get the weight off she needs work, and to work she needs to be sound. 

On the Green Bean Endurance front, things are gaining momentum.  Our riders this weekend had 2 first 50's, a first top ten, a BC, and a first 100 mile ride.  Scoring will go crazy from this point forward and I'm excited to see so much enthusiasm for the sport and for personal growth.   My team will gather this coming weekend for our first get together with the exception of our rider out west, who has already garnered us some points!   Our group has been able to give the competitors some great prizes so far this year.  New halters, leads, bridles, reflective brow bands, waterproof blanket, bridle tag/charms, reins, window decals, sponges, saddle bags, team rider bracelets,  the list goes on!  Two Horse Tack has gone all out for Green Bean this year.   Sponsoring t-shirts, monthly prize give-aways, and sponsoring tack for one of last year's winning TEAMS.  They even helped us design an official tack line that screams bean ☺ Please remember that they support new endurance riders in a big way! This year we have a few TEAMS already in hot contention, it is going to just be an exciting year.

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