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May 14, 2016

Well it has been an interesting weekend

Trip to Indy was uneventful (yay!)  After five days of incessant rain (not counting all the wet slogging previously) the footing was just nasty.  I'd say I learned a lot at this ride. This episode I learned about low calcium. Journey was trembling and cramping post ride and in need of something to right it. She did get her completion as it wasn't evident then, but it does not make me feel good about the completion.  We have never previously had this problem and I feel it is rooted in our less than stellar preparation for the ride.   My work "tweaked" my schedule and it has just wrecked my ability to adequately get the conditioning as we have in the past.  I'm pretty upset about the change, and feel it really was unnecessary, but what are you going to do?  (Yes, I know---and I'm working on it).    So we went in with me knowing that it was marginal, and I lost the bet at the end of the day.  Bad decision.  Had the footing been good...maybe, but the muck and mire out there, bad call.   I did ride slow, came in 20th out of about 27.    So I have to work her through this, reconnoiter and figure out how to get her back on track, and if we need to miss the next one,  and if so look to the fall for another try at Spook Run & Indy.  But my pony is stiff and sore, and all I care about right now is fixing that, and learning how to avoid it in the future.

The weekend wasn't all bummer though.  Lisa Spencer graced me with her most wonderful self, and rode the course with me.   Can't explain it, but I feel kind of like I'm "home" when I spend time with her, and it was just good.    I also got to meet three of the Jolly Greens, and those ladies are great!  Tracey pulled out some stuff to help Journey, Laura gave me the best hug ever, and poor Cassie I was camped right next to her and did not figure out who she was for most of a day.   My team was mostly assembled there at Indy.  One team member's horse escaped during the night and had a cut on his leg with prompted his withdrawal.  The horse is fine but it didn't seem like a good idea to have a cut pastern and all that nasty mud.  The other three members of Appy Inc managed to bring home some points for our team.  Tammi with a seventh place finish on Driz (the wonder appy). 
Lisa captured my "good side" in this photo

So my take away, is to pay more attention to my "gut" feeling. That maybe if I have doubts as to the do-ability of something I should listen harder to that inner voice.  Also to make sure that I have adequate measures on hand to avoid head on collisions with muscle cramping (calcium ), several flakes of alfalfa (pre-ride, hold, post ride) and a tube of banamine "just in case".     Also a big thank you to ride vet Maureen for her kindness and care for my horse.   It was very appreciated.

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