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May 2, 2016

The Spotted Wonder is Lame Tonight

No injury.  No puffy anything.  No heat.   But front end lame, both sides, though worse on the right.  Slightly perceptible off on the right on soft ground.  Can barely walk, forget trotting on the driveway.   She was fine yesterday.   She had a 5-way vaccination this weekend, and moved onto grass pasture yesterday (after a 2 week gradual titering over to grass).   So I've pulled her off grass, cut out all concentrated feeds, and she is standing in her stall looking at hay and wondering what happened. 


Her digital pulse is evident, but slow and steady.  No heat in the hooves.  But definitely lame.   The chances of turning this around in less than two weeks?  Probably not very good.

We trained yesterday for an hour of trotting, bare (which we do when the ground is soft).  I guess it is "possible" that she is bruised, but I'm leaning towards the vaccination or the grass.

See paragraph 2.

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