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April 25, 2016


Electric Green

I'm kind of funny about tights.  Not being young, nor "skinny", well over the hump of late fifties, getting tights to fit correctly has been challenging.  The older I get, the more it is true.  I've wanted to try a pair of Crazy Legs tights for a long time, but since I have four tights already (two roll down and drive me nuts) I was having serious pre-purchase guilt, and put it off for a very long time. Because what if I invest $70-85 in tights only to find they are not comfortable, or roll down like the other two sets in my drawer?  Diane at Crazy legs had this wild electric green fabric, and that finally tipped me over the edge to purchase.  Mine are actually charcoal grey with the green print 4 inch strip down the outer legs. My Android phone is refusing to actually deliver the image to when it gets with it, I'll add the picture of my actual tights.

Now to the funny about tights thing.  I can't stand to feel seams and it doesn't take many miles (actually no miles) until I do.  I've been functioning many years with some nerve damage that make a misplaced seam on my leg unbearable in ways that are difficult to illustrate, but suffice it to say I'm picky about what touches my skin on the leg.  It has to be light, whisper soft, and no raised seam. PERIOD.  I've been fairly successful wearing Kerrits tights, but very unhappy that the waist band rolls down and I spend a frustrating deal of time dragging them puppies back up!  For a woman my age the trend of "hip hugger" type tights is frankly ridiculous.  My waistline does not need to be all free willy with my tights residing somewhere down below.  So I wrote to Diane at Crazy Legs and gave her some of my criteria for my new tights and asked if she was able to accommodate my needs.

  1.  I wanted my waistline at my natural waist, no low rise, flo rise, or low tide tights for me!
  2.  Softest thinnest charcoal gray fabric she could find.
  3.  A wide "no roll" elastic waist band.
  4.  30 inch inseam with micro-suede leg patches.
  5. 4 inches of glorious electric green down the outside of each leg.
  6.  Phone pocket nice and deep!
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding and ding!  These tights hit all the good points, and I didn't feel like I had to pour myself into them.  They actually cover my gut in its entirety so an extra bonus point right there.   End of the day?   I'd highly recommend the maker of Crazy Legs Tights!   If you visit their website, please let them know I sent you ☺  I'd definitely buy again.


  1. I'm thrilled that you're happy with your Crazy Legs, I hope the more you wear them the crazier you'll be about them. Hope you will share a pic of you enjoying them on the Crazy Legs Tights Facebook page. :)

  2. Hooray! Someone else who wants their middle aged tummy covered and hates tights that roll down. I resorted to suspenders to keep em up. Drives me batty!! I keep trying to stretch them up to my boobs in hope they will stay at least half way!.

  3. Thank you for this review! I'm kinda in the same boat when it comes to tights and skeptical reading other reviewers saying how perfect every brand is when they're probably in their thin 20's. Have you tried Rackers, by chance?