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May 22, 2016

Labs are back all is GOOD♥♥♥ Changes...

Journey has been on hiatus since Indy.  Her labs came back and her "twitchy muscle" issue did not do any damage what so ever, not even residual affects of a muscle issue happening at all showed in the blood work.  All of her values were in the normal ranges with no peaks in muscle enzymes at all.  So her post ride even was the result of low calcium.   In the meantime I've purchased a drencher, oral calcium gluconate, and will add that to her electrolyte protocol at rides.   I also purchased 1000 mg TUMS in peppermint flavor and she loves them!  So these which are a different form of calcium (not calcium gluconate) carbonate, it does add another way to introduce calcium.

I have found a farrier by referral from Journey's veterinarian.   In the first time in the history of  Endurance Granny we will be trying steel shoes.  Though Journey does okay being bare, the booting thing with her has always been problematic.  Boots would be a close fit, but never a great fit.  I'm hoping with this option we will eliminate her propensity for tripping (and nearly killing us both).  So the forge, the farrier, and the shoes will be here on Tuesday.   I'm excited, disappointed, hopeful, and all kinds of mixed feelings about the change, and all I can say is we will see how it goes.  The plan right now is shoes when competing, and during the winter off season to go back to bare / booted to recover hoof wall and allow her to be natural in her off months through winter.  Cross your fingers that she will travel nicely as a shod horse.   All goes well I will have a bunch of hoof boots for sale....a bunch!

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