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May 16, 2016

Product Review: Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Rain Poncho

I've used Frogg Toggs product before.  Heads up...never NEVER put your Frogg Toggs accidently into the dryer.  Or you will need to purchase a new Frogg Togg and pass your shrunken one on to a troll living on one of the endurance riding forums. That said, I needed new rain gear!

Item: Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Rain Poncho

Price: $9.21 from an ebay vendor.

Details:  weight 8 ounces, very light!  Fabric breathes so you don't feel all hot and claustrophobic. 

Colors: green and blue.

Features: Hood with drawstring, side snaps to be as closed or as open as you like.  Waterproof.

Personal Review:   I'm glad I shrunk my jacket in the dryer.  I really liked my Frogg Togg's jacket, but I must say I like the poncho even better!  It is lighter, and airy.  My body temperature runs very hot, and I overheat easily.  The poncho cut the wind, she the rain, was easy to shake the wet off of and hang on the hook in my horse trailer.  I did not stand out in a monsoon, or ride with it in a soaking rain, but wore it to slog around camp in the rain and wind and it performed flawlessly.  I expect the same in the saddle.   Another bonus is the fabric isn't noisy like some poncho/slickers that kind of spook the horse.  I flapped it all around Journey and she was totally unimpressed with its potential horse attacking powers.   Great product and extremely reasonable price, hubby got one too.

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