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April 15, 2016

Yay! Spring is here and so are Journey's boots1

So spring training begins in earnest with a "finish" (slow) in mind.   Easycare has upgraded the boots in at least a couple of way since I last purchased gloves.  The velcro attachment appears to be so much sturdier which was the reason I abandoned Gloves when I did.  So that is an awesome enhancement that I hope will allow the gaiters/velcro to wear much better.  These also have a nice rocker/break over that my old set did not have, which I hope will improve her tendency to stumble over roots.  Her hoof action is all very low to the ground, and we have had two horse / person crashes that could have been very bad in the past due to a stumble where she went down. Once I went over her head and the other she went down and rolled moving at a pretty good clip.   I still believe Journey's toe length could be further improved (shortened) but that will take a couple more trim cycles.    So 0.5's here we go!   And I even got a cute sticker for my horse trailer ♥.  

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