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April 10, 2016

Got our Easycare Glove Fit Kit on Friday

Didn't actually get to try them out until yesterday.  The fit kit cost $12 (includes return postage to Easycare ).   I ordered a size 0.5 Wide fit kit.   Based on her fresh trim measurement she was an 0.5 Wide 117X117 on the fronts.  Cleaned up her hoof and popped  and 0.5W on and no "V" what-so-ever.   It also gapped a bit on the top of the boot.    Pulled that one off thinking maybe she'd fit the 0W, and it would not seat properly.   Of course the 1W was way too big.   I was disappointed, hoped that the 0.5 Wide would give us a better fit than the 0.5 regular boot.  But what the fit kit did do, is answer the question before I ordered new boots.  Which saved me time and trouble, making returns and all that.   So at the end of the day it didn't turn out as I'd hoped, but it did tell me the best fit among the Gloves is what I'm already using.  I currently have 4 of the 0.5's which are in good enough shape to use for conditioning rides, and the new set of 4 I've ordered will be utilized for competition as the fit will be tighter on those.     Journey will have to start wearing some boots on her hinds soon to try and get her moving without beating herself up.  Not sure if I'm going to keep my Renegades.  When the are "just right" they work great.  But I have to admit I'm growing weary of the constant need to adjust and tweak them, which is the feature most people would find a positive.  I operate on the "keep it simple" protocol.    So next hunt is for some new brushing boots for her hinds to keep her from beating herself up. I Sikaflex added insurance against boot loss?
Sikaflex 227, Black, Polyurethane Sealant, 10.3oz Cartridge


  1. What do you mean by needing to adjust and tweak the Renegades? Once I have the cable length sorted (which is fiddly if they need to be adjusted), I basically just do them up each time. Through practice, I have a feel for how tight they need to be (which is to say, not very) and can mostly do them up without thinking about it at all. Maybe I've just had good luck - because the best boot is the one that fits the hoof... which is so simple and yet soooooo not, hahaha! ;)

  2. I've had a lot of issues with my Rennies "popping off". I've come to the conclusion that they are slightly too snug. Price-wise they have cost me a lot replacing parts, loosing boots. When they work they are a beautiful thing...I'm just not into the effort and expense of starting over with them in a new size. Going to run the GLOVES this year and see how it goes.