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April 4, 2016

We are hill weary so next stop trotting intervals in the arena

It isn't ideal.  But it is what I have available is my dry lot that doubles as "arena".  Tomorrow I will begin trot/walk intervals maybe add in some poles.  She needs a break from the deep mud and steep ups and downs.  Afraid I'll cause her to pull something.  We did one very steep hill yesterday and my heart was in my throat...thinking are we gonna make it up this thing?  We'd climbed it before, but the additional rainfall when we hit critical angle upward was really hairy.   I'm might not be doing that hill again.  Hills are good, but only if you don't kill yourself in the process.   The process tomorrow will be walk a lap, and trot three laps.  Might throw on a heart rate monitor.  My fat girl got sorely out of shape over the fall and winter.    

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