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April 2, 2016

Trying to get it together for the first one of the season

Very little time left to actually accomplish that.  Will do the best I can and see how it goes.  If she isn't ready we can stop at the half-way and call it a training ride I guess!   She has been such a rodeo lately.   But we have mastered a nice back up and a roll back working all those one-rein stops!

Ordered a fit kit from Easy-care today.   I'm toying with gluing on, kinda-maybe, I dunno.  But her hoof size on her fronts may warrant a WIDE as they are extremely round at this point.   117 mm X 117 mm  Can't get much rounder than that!  If one of the wide shells gives me a nice V  I'll look for a vendor that has some wides in stock and give it a whirl.   Her hinds are 108 mm X 118 mm both sides and look to fall into an 0.5 and fit reasonably well enough with a little tape as insurance (or the power straps).

I sure hope that this year things go well for me that I can at least attend three rides.  I'd doubly like all the odd-ball animosity to GO AWAY.    Ride my horse, tilt my face up into the sun, let the breeze off a moving horse ruffle my sleeves, and find happy.  That is all.

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