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March 27, 2016

Finally getting some traction on our ride goal..

The Spotted Wonder is hormonal and spooky which resulted with the addition of wind with me getting flung off on a spooking 180 early in the week.  But we were back at it yesterday and got in a good solid hard three hour conditioning ride hill climbing.  By the end of that she was becoming somewhat tractable, but still had plenty of juice in the tank!  So next week we will pick up our pace and head to the park (and more mud).  Sure wish they'd allow riding on the service roads over there, it would fix what ails us!      Last night she was quite happy getting all the dried sweat and mud curried off.  She is nearly shed out and it is still March.  Might be our personal record for early shed out.  She has got so fat over the winter that I'm having a slight saddle fit issue, but will try some different pads and see if that will sort it out until she loses weight.  She usually trims down quickly...or I might have to throw my sheep skin on the aussie saddle for a while.

Have a beautiful and reflective Easter everyone!

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