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April 6, 2015

We are really behind the eight ball on training...

It seems that my Spring return to conditioning training has been lackluster.  It isn't that I haven't had time, it is just the depth of the winter thaw, coupled with rain has made the footing fetlock deep and not conducive in my mind to building up the trot.    I'm trying to make up for that by doing more up and downs on the hills, but those are rather treacherous (that mud thing) as well.   I'm worrying more than I ordinarily would since I really feel like I need to provide my team with some points this season.   Last I looked we are getting a run for our money by another team which has grabbed our 1st place position by15 points.   I'd hoped to pull a 50 mile ride weekend first ride up but it is looking more and more like an LD.  Further I was hoping to have Phebes for a back up horse for day 2 rides at the LD distance, but she is out of commission until I can get a vet out here or her to them to deduce what is going on in her fetlock joint.  I did some flexion of it last night and though she is completely non-reactive I could feel an arthritic crunching as I flexed it back and forth.  So I'm far less convinced of the knee now and concur that most likely it is the fetlock joint of the front left leg.  Researching the treatment, would like to know cost for Adequan injections, and typical cost for digital x-rays.   I'm going to thoroughly wipe out my dream ride fund most likely, but I'd rather have Phebes sound for pleasure work than make the trip to Virginia and come home to my lame horse.  The veterinarians that have been recommended to me are so far flung of a drive that it just isn't reasonable to make that trip in my beat down old pick up (six hours away).  I also expect repeat visits might be needed.    Phoned Angela Yates who has a mobile office and can take digital x-rays off site.  If you can't get Phebes to the mountain, try bringing the mountain to Phebes.   If I can fix this thing I might just pilot Phebes to CMO's since I do love them, and we could pace those slowly and still do just fine.


In other news Green Bean Endurance's ride season is now well under way.  The same crazy rooting for each other that goes on the sports has infected TEAMS.  We are all so excited even if someone pulls ahead of us, it is like you GO! team rider.  It's just fun and is bringing people together in a way I've not previously experienced in the sport.  We have had an interesting development concerning Green Bean Endurance that I'll devote an entire post to at some point.  But the potential is very exciting!   We also added a mileage based individual competition for regional high mileage as well as national high mileage rider.   Only members get to play but we will have fun little prizes at the end. Stay tuned...

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