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March 31, 2015

News on Phebes

Phebes was at the DBDR 101 clinic with Lida.  We have known that she is slightly off at the trot since I started getting her back under saddle.  She would warm out of it after some riding.  She was grade 3 lame after the short 5 mile 101 excursion.  Very well behaved on trail for Lida (not so much in camp as she was too fixated on Journey), she vetted in with all A's except gait.  She vetted out with all A's except a B on muscle tone (no big surprise that) and then her gait abnormality became quite obvious, even at the walk.  The ride vet thinks it is in her fetlock, I suspect it is in her knee as that is the leg she injured on the t-post two years ago.  No swelling, no heat anywhere.  So she needs x-rays and figure out where to go from there....

This may sideline my little Old Dominion dream.   My horse $ are limited, but if needed I'll make the choice in favor of getting a diagnosis and having her fixed.  Phebes really enjoys quiet trail work and I'd like to see her continue to be able to do that, even if she can't do the distance stuff.   I only had a few donors to the bucket, and self-generated the rest over the course of the year.  So I'd only have to refund a little bit of what I saved for the trip if I have to use the $ all on Phebes.  But I'm not gonna cry over it, it is after all "just another ride."

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