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April 14, 2015

Conditioning horses in mud gives me the willys...

I worry that we will slip, slide, pull something or other.  We are way past the time we should be trotting pretty well every place we go, so.........we had our first "real" conditioning ride last night at pace and it was a whopping 4.5 miles of up/down hill.  She was huffing, puffing, and her chest was all lathered up when we got home which is an indication of how seriously far we have to go...and I have a ride on the calender in a bit under 5 weeks (sad face), so I'm gonna say a prayer that further weather does not sideline our little operation and just focus hard on building up our sustained trot and try to brake for the worst of the mud.


Other news:

A sports vet from the track is bringing her mobile x-ray down on the 27th to figure out what is ailing Phebes.  I hope she's fixable.  The poor horse is nine and has so many issues.   She was born under a bad sign or something!   She's accidentally injured that leg twice, and has a slight club foot but not so bad that I'd expect arthritis at this age?   I dunno....I'll keep you all posted.


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