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April 17, 2015

The little Old Dominion Dream has been back-burnered

So much going on right now.  Phebes being lame in the forefront (literally) right now, a sports vet coming for digital x-rays and pending treatment for that, spending a lot of my time in support of the Green Bean Movement, competition TEAMS and fundraising for that,  my plan to ride for my TEAM, mine and LSEGH's hope to sell the farm here and downsize rather dramatically (we are indeed getting old...), all kinds of changes (not the good kind) pending at work, just way too many things in flux at present to even contemplate fulfilling my ride in Virginia over the next couple of years.   My campaign for fundraising has been removed and I will be returning the gifted funds to my peeps!  Please give me a week or so to drop it into the mail☺

There is truly so much uncertainty in my life currently that I'm not even able to be bummed about it.  It was a goal (a fun goal, a big goal) but when weighted against LIFE, ummmm....LIFE WINS.  So my focus is going to be a bit more short-termed until I know where I am going to be living because even that isn't stable at the moment...we have no IDEA where we will be moving, we just know that we will be moving.   First order of the day is to get an appraiser out and get a clear idea of what the asking price should be on our home, barn, 25.3 acres.  Then see what the budget will be like to purchase a smaller property near a trail head and build a small home, barn, and fence for the Boopster's play yard.  In all honesty this is MORE intimidating a task than the ride goal was *LOL*.

If you are local and happen to know me...if you hear of 5 acres suitable for horses for sale on some very quiet back road, please leave me a reply.  I need to live where I can either ride safely on low traffic back roads, or have access to a trailhead.


  1. I'm sure you have already thought of this but make sure to check zoning ordinances in the county/township you are purchasing property in. Here in my county you need 5 acres for the first horse and and additional 2 acres for each horse after that. It is different in the county my sister lives in just 2 miles away.

  2. I sure hope Phebes doesn't have something chronic and unfixable going on!