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April 19, 2015

I'll Be Watching You...

You know that creepy boyfriend that does mysterious things in the computer to track his girlfriends every move? Blech.  But that got me to thinking...I can be tracked by my phone.  I can be TRACKED by my phone!!!  Now when it comes to things computer and technical I have a little generational lapse thing going on and I'm just plainly not savvy (nor particularly interested) in learning all that stuff.  Fortunately LSEGH (the long suffering endurance granny's husband) likes technology and is rather adept at figuring out such things.  So since I ride alone almost always...I wondered if there was a way to track me on my Android phone and the fast answer is yes within 17 meters of my location.  Why is that important?  If I go down and am unable to call for help myself, he will be aware that I am no longer moving, no longer responding to calls, and DETERMINE MY LOCATION if he needs to call 911.

The app for one's GPS location is in Google under Android Device Manager.   It is also the place you can deactivate your phone if you lose it, or it is stolen.  Using it increases your safety while out there on the trail, just don't give it to "the creepy boyfriend." ☺

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