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January 10, 2015

It has been warmer in Alaska than here in Indiana this week

Nope, not kidding...we've had wind chills -35 once this week.  Brutally cold outside.  Currently we are having a little heat wave, it's 17 degrees out there this afternoon.  Everything shuts down this time of the year with focus on keeping plumbing from freezing, cars starting, water thawing for the horses, and making sure Bella Boopster doesn't get frostbite while her ADD keeps her looking for "just the right spot."  OH A BIRD!

The super chilled air is not conducive to riding.  I'm not a believer in having my horses breath in the super chilled air with exertion, or sweating only to freeze dry later.   So I'm whiling away my time wishing for Spring.  Only about three months or more to go.

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