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January 11, 2015

It's a heat wave! Lots of stuff happening (all the while nothing is happening)

Since we had temps in the twenties today I thought it would be a good afternoon to clear my trails on our property of downed limbs.  They were a mess.  Spent several hours out in the woods picking up, trimming, and dragging.  But we are back in business until the next big wind storm.  I'll have to ride out to the neighbor's next on Journey and start clearing those.

Phebes had a flare up of uveitis in her right eye.  I'm treating that with a steroid eye salve.  She has had two flair ups in a month after a very long period of being fine.  Her mother went blind at age twenty from it.  She looks much better after two days of treatment, but I plan to keep it up a few more days.  Think I stopped too quickly last time and it just flared back up again.  Winter will be back tomorrow after our heat wave today.  Ice storms are moving in and hoping it doesn't inhibit my getting to work. 

Ordered my GREEN TEAM t-shirts yesterday.  So that is good to go.  I have the Green Team score sheet on my tool bar and also the link for reporting my teams ride points.  The Green Bean Teams thing is ready to roll on down the trail!

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