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January 3, 2015

Coming to a Trail Near You: The Green Machine

As the year (2014) progressed I had set some goals, alternated some goals, had not abandoned the primary goal (OD) and still hold it that God willing I'll get there.  However, the goal for 2015 should be fun.   Enter The GREEN MACHINE.   We are one of 13 teams currently signed up for The Green Bean Team competition.

This competition is very unique within the sport of endurance riding, new, and fresh...we are piloting the project, and though I expect a number of hiccups along the way we are devoted to the idea of giving it all we've got.

So how does Green Bean Team work?

Teams of 5 ( mixed region/or single region)
Riders must have less than 1000 miles.
Team members must contribute to the point total in order to be eligible for team/individual prizes.
Cost per team $100 (basically $20 per rider)
Prizes: 100 % payback as all entry fees will be converted to prizes.
Teams are ranked by total mileage/experience (we are verifying these numbers to the best of our ability in AERC's records) .  Which can put your team in one of three levels (on the vine, picked, or cooked).  You compete against teams of your relative aggregate mileage level (ranking).
We are using a point system based on mileage/completion (placement has no bearing on score to promote completions) (no completion, no score).  Higher mileages get bonus point multipliers added.

For all the details of the competition or to find out how to sign on: CLICK HERE and once you get there click on Green Bean Team competition.  REGISTRATION IS GOING ON NOW.  Deadline to have your team verified in January 31, 2015 so get cracking!

This team competition evolved from an idea I had kicked around for awhile.  Jillane Baros and I had some discussion,  why this would or would not work, and we hammered on it until we thought YEAH!   Jillane created the scoreboard and registration page.  We have dual ride secretaries to track points (I expect this to be very challenging but doable).  The max riders we will take on is one hundred I believe we are up to 65 last time I checked.

If you currently have less than 1000 miles, we would truly like to see a couple of advanced teams to go head to head.   We are well balanced at the novice and intermediate level (though we do have room for more).  I'd just enjoy seeing a few advanced teams go at it.  So if you have some friends who'd like to have a little friendly advanced green entertainment this season, check out the link.


My team as it currently stands is Victoria Kelley, Phylicia Mann, Dave Wisniewki, Shanna Cogeshall, and myself.    Our ranking is Intermediate.   So if you see a green t-shirt with a big 4 on it bobbing down the trail, lead, follow, or get out of the way *LOL*!


  1. way nicer than the "you can rest when you die" shirt i've had to follow: )

  2. Really looking forward to not only having fun competing, but following everyone else's progress and making new friends along the way!!