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December 30, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Toklat Woolback Pad

There is this one item of tack that I have used, and bought again because I like it so much...and I don't think I've ever talked about it except in passing.  My Toklat Woolback  Pad.   I purchased one and used it for about a year, and then followed up by purchasing another so I'd have a spare to switch out on rides.   Journey has very sensitive skin that will absolutely burn from sweat/heat/salt.   My Skito pad that I used so successfully on two other horses just would not fly for Journey in hot weather.   Since switching over to wool (I believe on the advice of Karen Chaton) we've never experienced what looks like a scalded back with bumps.  

Likes about Toklat Woolback Pad

  • Cushy Softness without bulk
  • Keeps back cooler than other pads I've tried
  • No back soreness or sensitivity post ride
  • Machine washes on cold, and air dries
  •  Ordered from The Distance Depot I can get velcro opening in the front to shim if needed
  • Price:  $94 plus shipping (this includes the velcro front opening)

So there you have it!  My favorite pad.  I have a lot of use on mine, but am about ready to by the third one.  Eventually the wool does somewhat compress, and I like to compete with plenty of cushion.   I use my older ones now for short training rides, and save the best pads for competition.

I also have a Toklat Wool Girth cover and it is worth its weight in gold!   To get your's go to: and tell them Endurance Granny sent you ☺

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