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January 3, 2015

Three days late but who's counting? New Year's Resolutions

I've been so torn over doing this, that, and something else that it has been nearly impossible to firm up goals.   So I am taking a deep breath and finally setting my mind to what I feel is goal-worthy for 2015, something to reach for, and has some relative possibility for success.  Here goes!

  • Team Green Bean.  Riding with The Green Machine seemed like a great goal, and being on the ground floor of something with so much possibility winds me up a good way.   I expect my position to be low point person of our team (though I'll give them all I can), but since the 4 high scorers determine your ultimate team score we should be fine.  If I'm rider 5 my points come into play in case of a tie.   Which means our real newbie Shannah...needs to ride some rides!  Regardless of how it plays out I expect it to be a fun year, and being behind the scenes with the scoreboard will be a part-time job of sorts.  Let's go Green Machine!
  • Sponsor a JR.     I've cast out my line and might have caught me an energetic junior.   If so, I'll do my best to get her and her quarter horse LD ready and mentor them at the start of the season. 
  • Earn Journey's 250 mile patch.  Networked with a friend, and hope that if I am unable to ride all of the needed 50's perhaps she would be game for one on Journey.  I need three 50 completions for her to get her first mileage patch.
  • Continue saving for The Old Dominion.    I'm on track currently, but savings will drop off through the competition season April, May, June, Sept, Oct., then I'll pick it back up in November.   That gives me about a complete the goal.  We are currently at 40% so close to half way there!
  •  Tinkering with the idea of attempting an LD on Phebes again.  She's had two years off.  But if I do, it is make or break.  If she has trouble her little hooves will never meet the distance trail again.  Need to get some conditioning on her, and see how that pans out first.   It is an "iffy" prospect, so maybe, maybe not.   If nothing else, I'd like her saddle worthy again and that's coming along alright.  So this one is the least of the goals.
  • Lesser worthy goals:  I want to make the trip to Orkney, Virginia for either Old Dominion this year...or forgo that and wait for the National Championship at the same location in October.  Either would be fun to attend, photograph, and blog about.   I'll probably chose the one that is least likely to conflict with any of Journey's ride dates.
So there are my actual goals.   Long live 2015!

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