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November 25, 2014

And the bucket is at 31% of the goal

This has been difficult for me and I've cut out a lot of little stuff to try and get to the monetary goal.  In this process only about one half of a percent was actually donated, so if I fail to reach my goal, or decide to change gears in the middle I will only have a small amount to return.   I think I like it that way.   Feels better finding creative ways to put a few bucks into the "bucket" as I can manage under my own steam.

Since the weather has turned cold and my riding is stagnant I'm often questioning the actual goal.  Well---let me reiterate, it is not the goal in and of itself, but the expense vs. the benefit of the goal that I call into mental question.   So the bucket goal may possibly segue into something entirely different, and if so I need to make my mind up on it by June of 2015.

The expense of just that single ride I'm thinking will be close to $1200 not including boots and whatever oddball thing she may need by then.  I keep thinking of that, and what the training rides will cost to be ready.  A couple of LD's perhaps, and at least four 50's would be probably easily another $1200 in entries and fuel.   So is the goal worth the dollars to me?   If not, what other goal might resonate more clearly for me?  What would $2400 dollars buy in bang for the buck as far as AERC rides go?  Approximately 13 entry fees , and $1200 left for the fuel tank.  What other goals could I reach for with that nominal budget?

  • 8 LD's would get Journey her 250 mile LD patch as she has 50 already in the bank.
  • 3 Endurance rides would get her 250 mile Endurance patch.
  • 8 Endurance rides would earn her a 250 and a 500 mile patch.
  • 16 LD's in a single season might put us somewhere on the regional map, but in the lower standings.
  • The Old Dominion goal will give me a shot at completing my toughest 50 (and a shot at failing my toughest 50 *LOL*) plus the handful of 50's to prepare for it which would possibly earn Journey her 250 patch in Endurance. We need 3 more 50's for that, and if I want to throw in a shot at an LD patch for her we'd need 8 more LD's which would put us over budget.
It's a lot to think about.  It really is.   When it comes down to it, the goal that brings me the most personal satisfaction will win the day.   

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