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November 23, 2014

Managing to keep my Phebes under saddle

You know how when you think you have a niche of time and you carve it out for just one special purpose and it is yours and you maybe feel a little protective of it?  That is how I feel about my saddle time with Phebes.  I want to protect it, nurture it, and get all kinds of disgruntled if I feel it is taken from me.  I have her to the point now that if I can spend an hour on her once a week we don't go backwards.  We aren't going forwards... but at least I'm not reinventing the wheel.  That time is very special to me, and I enjoy riding Phebes for totally different reasons than Journey.  They are both good, they both have work that needs done, but deep down I know that what Phebes has is totally a result of the hours and years of my own personal sweat with her.   If I can just keep hold of the time, and the footing to keep at it...this thing, just feels good.  ☺  Hoping very soon to haul her back to the park and try out a solo ride.  I'll keep it short, maybe tool around "B" trail.  I want to use the GPS and get a feel for her walking time.  I know she can walk very fast when she is leading, what I don't know for sure is her mph solo.  My little dream is to get that flat walk gaited thing she does sorted out...that would be so nice.

Now Journey?  She isn't hitting a lick.  I figure a few months more of fattening back out, resting tendons, and joints won't hurt her any.   Hoping to hit the ground running in February if I possibly can though to have her ready again by Spring.  I expect to start the year with an LD out of necessity, and jump back up to endurance as soon as we possibly can. 

Oh! and p.s.  Phebes has lost some weight and looks really good for the first time in several years!  She is no longer obese.  Chubby...maybe, but clearly not obese.  We are on the right track.

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