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August 1, 2014

A Helmet Review: Tipperary Sportage

As reviews go, they don't get much more real than this.  As you all know I took a header at full gallop last Saturday.  I came off the saddle like a fulcrum, with the full impact on the left side of my head.  Immediately I knew that something was not right.  Weakness, dizziness, retching, pain.  I was wearing my helmet.  Thank God I was wearing my helmet.   

You see, this is the funny thing about horse related accidents.  You often can't predict them.  Journey's runs had been going so smooth for quite a long time now.   I didn't give credence to the hay bales, that they might cause her concern.   She spun back a 180 and that was it.  No time to react.  Just my head impacting the ground.  I never even had time to mentally process that I was falling.

It was a rough five days getting my stilts back under me.   I was so lucky to have only a mild concussion and a badly bruised tail bone, and pulled groin muscle.  It could have been so much worse and if not for the Tipperary Sportage helmet I believe I would not be sitting here typing this, and would likely have fractured my skull or worse.

Phoenix International is the company that makes the Tipperary Sportage helmet.  I sent them a thank you note for saving my bacon.  They came back with "We are glad you are okay, do you need a new helmet?"  They are replacing my helmet, and I find that a very kind and honorable thing for a company to do.  So they not only care about "that" ride, but care enough about the people that use their product to assure you are covered for "the next ride."    Kudos to Phoenix International /Tipperary and their riding helmets. 


  1. I took a side impact to this helmet when we came across a gator laying on the easement.We walked away!

  2. Alicia if I ran across a gator....I'd need more than a new helmet, I'd need a change of drawers! Geeeesh!

  3. No gators in NY, thankfully. Glad to hear you're feeling better! I can't tell you how many times my 13 year old granddaughter relied on her Tipperary helmet. There was never any visible damage, save for a few scratches, but she went through several helmets that first year. Always Tipperary, because they fit her so well. What a great company to offer you a new one!

  4. Wonderful news about the helmet - and that you are feeling better. So glad you are wanting to ride again; I will be riding your next 50 with you - in spirit!
    Bionic Cowgirl