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August 2, 2014

This Week's Weigh In

Isn't it sad that you are reaching a goal, and though I'm happy the number is going down I just feel "famished" for food.   I fell off the wagon and ate a small piece of pie today.  In truth...I wanted the entire raspberry pie and a fork.   Could have gone off to a dark place and savored EVERY BITE.

Maybe I am eating disorderd.  I'm weird about food.   I LIKE FOOD.   Here is an example of the problem I have with eating.  Two summers ago I decided I loved a certain brand of salsa.  I ate salsa for lunch EVERY DAY for about eight months.   Note, that was not salsa "with" lunch, but salsa "for" lunch.    That same summer I had toast and yogurt with berries for breakfast.  EVERY DAY.   When I decide I like a food, I can eat it day after day after day.  This only becomes a problem if the food happens to be Wendy's Frosty sized medium every day for lunch, which it almost did before I pulled the plug on myself after gaining about six pounds.    What is even weirder is that when I get my fill of the thing finally, I may not want it for a very long time, or ever again.   Maybe my body is craving something it needs and that is how I get it?

LSEGH insists we eat food.  You know, like roast beef, and fresh green beans, and cucumbers.  I do like those things.  Beef in small amounts, and beans and cucumbers I do like very much (not in the weird way though).  So anyway...making progress on the weight loss thing, just would like to not feel hungry 24/7.  Hoping to get off another eight pounds minimum over the next 8-12 weeks.  Then have to figure out how to stabalize or taper to slower loss. 


In other news I'm still feeling gradually better except for some left over neck and tail bone pain, once in awhile some brain fog, but tired.  (maybe the food thing).

I am ready to get back on my horse.  Soon as I have my new helmet here, want to start rockin' some miles on the Spotted One.  All I can say is stuff lets get on with it.   We need to point at another 50 miles  (probably back to back LD's) maybe, in October.

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