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July 27, 2014

What a day...

Took Journey out for a hill climbing set yesterday.  We walked for about an hour, and then did about 45 minutes of fast uphill intervals.  She is cantering uphill now, and recovering pretty quickly which is good.  When I thought enough was enough after blowing out a renegade boot ($) decided to wander on back home.  Coming down a hill she skittered sideways and caught my leg on a pointed downed limb, caught my favorite riding tights on it and ripped a big hole in them ($).   Oh it gets better.   The field before home we often gallop as a last little interval.  We've done it a bazillion times.  She spooked, rolled back at a gallop and next thing I knew was my head impacting the ground HARD as well as my hip/lower back.    I knew I was hurt.  Just lay there assessing how badly and determined that at least I didn't seem to be paralyzed.  Slowly got myself into a sitting position, and managed to stand.  LSEGH had been in the backyard so he saw it happen and retrieved Journey, tied her up, and came to help me.  I was so freaked over Journey that I started to panic and went all wheezy and tunnel vision.  He assured me she was alright and helped me to house.  Apparently I had a mild concussion as I couldn't sit up without retching, and couldn't walk without help as my left leg was in rebellion. Spent the afternoon and overnight down for the count.  LSEGH checking my pupils with a light intermittently and waking me up as I overwhelmingly wanted to sleep.  By bedtime, though I felt bad it seemed I was slowly feeling better vs. worse, so opted to not go to the hospital and finally got some sleep.  Up at three a.m. this morning and though stiff, sore, and a residual headache I think I'll make it.

I do want to stress this...if I had not had a helmet on, I'd be in a major hospital somewhere, or dead.  My husband heard me hit the ground coming off at a full gallop I didn't even register the actual fall, just cranking along, a glitch sideways, and the ground.  Wear your helmets people.  I've had a lot of miles on Journey, and thought we were well past such silliness.  Stuff happens, even to good riders and good horses.  When it comes down to it, with a horse sometimes instinct takes over, like it or not.  Sick as i was yesterday, I count myself as very lucky to be typing on this keyboard this morning.


  1. Once upon a time I was riding a Quarter Horse mare at a walk with a Western saddle. A bee stung the horse, she freaked out and dumped me head first onto a paved road. I actually heard the sound of my own bare skull splitting when it hit the pavement. I assure you that it is NOT a pleasant sound! That was close to 25 years ago. Since then I have ALWAYS worn a helmet because, well, stuff happens. I can guestimate that I have destroyed at least ten helmets since that day I split my skull open. Did I PLAN to get thrown on those days I destroyed my helmets? Of course not. No one plans to come off their horse. But stuff happens. I can easily replace my helmet. I can never replace the vision in my left eye that I lost that day so long ago when I split my head open.

  2. I've been off my computer for a few days and just saw this post. I am so sorry you had to hit the ground; so glad you seem to be healing. I find as I get older (yucky word) that it takes longer to heal. Real bummer, but glad to hear you are not turned off of horses. I DO tend to ride a little more conservatively.

    Best wishes on a quick recovery.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  3. Usually I just plod along. Here recently I have been pushing her boundaries. Tuns out...not worth the extra mph.