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July 27, 2014

The Goal is The Old Dominion

It may take me a year, or two, or three, but the goal from this point forward is to ride The Old Dominion, so whatever we do from this point forward will be with the larger goal in mind.  Right now...Journey wouldn't have a prayer so it is my job to make her Old Dominion ready and pray that the funding, financing, condition, and life directions follow suit.

The loose plan:

The GO Fund ME launch  has begun and we've recieved our first donation for the bucket dream (woooo hooo!).  I realize that I may not hit the goal, and also realize that expenses for this ride may run higher, but every little bit of help...well---it helps.  Even if it is straps for the hoof boots.

The focus on training is going to be hills and intervals first, then increased distance.   Journey has only climbed and elevation gain of about 3800 feet and that is in the Clark.   Our rides here at home comprise maybe 800-900 feet of elevation gain.  I need to connect with some flat landers who have ridden the OD and pick some brains on preparation considering what I have to work with here in Indiana.

Our competitive rides will be with the OD in mind.  Which likely means hot, humid, and hilly all of which are not a particular strength but I'm thinking they won't move the ride to October to suit us.

There are some peripheral problems that will need to be solved before I can get there as well.

1)  The truck.   Our aging rattle trap truck is an issue.  I don't know if I'd feel safe to get there and back.  We need to either replace it or pour some money into it.  The bed needs removed and replaced it is nothing but rust on the sides, it is needing new tires, and who knows what has done the job so far, and I know people haul with trucks with much higher mileage.  I just want to "know" if we put our eggs in the basket for OD that we are able to actually get there and back safely.

2)  The horse trailer.   I have to do some modification to haul Journey that far.  It is a stock type trailer and it hauls really rough.  Journey always loads well, but once she is locked in she trembles...which tells me she doesn't like the ride.   I don't know if it can have better springs/shocks or not being the low-end trailer that it is.  At the very least I need cushioned mats for her.

3) Barring all those things occurring I would need to hitch a ride in exchange for fuel, food, and we will see.   This would by far be the easiest way of getting it done, but someone would have to put up with me.

4)  I'd like very much not to ride the OD alone.  So hooking up with an experienced (slow) OD rider would be excellent.

5)  The universe and God will determine if any of this will happen.  If it doesn't I will have to assume it is not for my better good to do it.   But I sure want to try!

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  1. Best of luck in your goal! One more thing you need to find and condition on -- ROCKS. I was at an LD this weekend and the rocks were unreal. Big, rolling, smooth, constant rocks. You could not finish on time unless at some point your horse could trot over these rocks. I felt lucky to finish this tough ride in 4 1/2 hrs. One girl I rode with just did her first OD this year and said that the rocks we rode over were nothing compared to the rocks at OD. So you need to find somewhere with alot of rocks and make sure your pony can trot over them. Of course, unless you DO already have rocks where you condition so she's already used to it! Unfortunately I only have gravel so Arie was quite unhappy (but adapted) to trotting over the rocks.