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July 26, 2014

And Universe...while I'm talking at you...

There is a job out there I've applied for.  It might cut into my ride time (rather seriously) and kill my current three weeks of PTO,  but then it also might give me a pay increase that would allow me to reach for certain goals in the future. 

And then...there is

This has been incredibly hard for me.  I have not felt satiated food-wise since I started this thing.  The number is however going in the downward direction...I'd like to see another 10-15 pounds off by the end of the year so I'd like to get down to at least 140 and maintain, 135 would be even better.  I've used sweet stuff to "feed" my up/down blood sugar for years.  When my blood sugar hits 86 my hands start to tremble, and I get very irritable...a little more and I sweat, get dizzy,  I want to faint.   That is a rather high number to have symptoms from, but there it is.  My cure for that has been to eat a cookie, have a FROSTY,  or eat some candy.  And as long as I have that crap on hand I feel okay, but over the years the weight has crept up...up...and up.   Being a person that is not crazy about meat / fish it's been a rough couple of weeks.  I'm eating more of that stuff, but still find myself feeling bad after about three hours post meal.   Having the garden producing cukes, and tomatoes, and beans is helpful as the first are low-calorie, and the beans are a good source of protein.  In the mornings I'm eating eggs, and toasting those little flat bread rounds which are very good and less calories/carbs than regular bread, having a morning snack of cottage cheese, mixed with vanilla yogurt, and fresh fruit (that is the one thing that is OH SO GOOD).

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