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July 25, 2014


Point me towards the OLD DOMINION.

I've actually scared myself today.  Just putting that out there.  It has been on my mind for some time, going to Virginia.  Wondering about the things I have, that I might not need, to sell towards the ride.   When you become a certain age, you start to feel the clock ticking.  You wonder if your health will hold long enough to get you to the places you've dreamed of.  I don't want to dream.... , but  rather find my leg slung over the saddle pointing towards "THAT" trail.  I'm going to to find a way.    God willing...keep me glued together long enough.  I want to ride the Old Dominion.

It is frightening, and exciting, and possible.  Definitely possible.

If worse comes to worse, maybe some good Samaritan will let me "hitch a ride" for fuel and groceries.

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