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July 28, 2014

*Sigh* My Brain Can Feel any time now

I feel like crap.  My brain is not in a happy place.  Still some residual nausea and headache, but really worst is the brain fog, that, and discovering I could not lift my right leg enough to get it on the brake pedal while driving this morning.  My thoughts were surely if I can walk, I can drive.  Well.  Not so much.  So en-route to work I devised an alternative maneuver that didn't require using my left foot.  Put weight on heel and pivot between gas pedal and brake.   Don't tail gate.  Then I get to work and begin my pre-open at your local friendly CMHC.  When I get to the part where you enter a password for the weekend's worth of voice mail I'm told I'm in error.   Surely I did not mash that particular brain-cell.  I try again.  Now I am officially locked out of the voice mail.   Check my email, to discover that the password was changed on Friday because someone else got locked out of the voice mail.  Contact IT, go through four revolutions of passwords, only to continue being locked out. Only to discover finally that I am checking my own voice mail rather than the main voice mail in the first place.  Confused yet?  I've further discovered that I in my rather impaired state am the only person working the front office until 9:30 in the morning, which were I feeling normal would not be tragic (a bit frantic, but not tragic).  My email indicates that I am to print out a transition report.  I know what that is...but so help me if I can find it.  Email my supervisor for instruction, whereby the phones go live and start ringing off the hook.  One of the calls is her, and she goes guess where?  VOICE MAIL.  The day pretty well continues along this vein.  But I am happy to have survived the day feeling like I have a twenty pound sack of sand sitting on my head, and the underlying urge to crawl into a dark recess under the desk and sleep like I have never slept before. 

Later today I discovered that the brain of a horse is the size of a walnut.  A WALNUT!  So we galloping along on a thousand pounds of muscle that is armed with a brain the SIZE OF A WALNUT!!!  Anyone that stupid probably deserves to fall on their  head.      ~ E.G.


  1. I just read that recovery from a mild concussion can take from three weeks (with plenty of rest) to OMG...three months. I simply cannot fathom functioning at work this way for three more days, let alone that long.

  2. I certainly hope you feel better soon! Have you considered seeing a doctor to make sure something more serious isn't going on?

  3. Melissa I have considered it. All indications are that I have a mild concussion. I know the signs of "get your butt" to the doctor vs. this sucks but you may as well ride it out vs. paying $2000 out of pocket for an MRI to be told "you have a mild concussion", get some rest. Would I like to go? Probably. Does it make sense financially in the current situation, not so much. I'm just hoping it will clear up over the next few days. If I had been able to take off work and lie still I'm sure that would have been to my good, but there was nobody to replace me at work this week either. If things get worse, I'll go.